Higher Impact Entertainment's World Famous
Mascot Training Camp
2023 date coming soon - San Antonio, TX

what to expect


Professional Mascot Performer Training

Learn from some of the best and most talented entertainers of today! Beginners and seasoned performers will be encouraged and inspired by our guest professional gurus.

Mascot Character Development

We want your character to grow and improve! Learn the strategies that will help lead your mascot character and program to be a success for many years to come!

Costume Cleaning & Maintenance

Don’t let the Dry Cleaners ruin your costume! Discover our secret mascot cleaning process that will keep your costume smelling clean, fresh, and looking good as new!

Fan Interaction & Crowd Activation

We want your mascot to create magical moments and experiences with everyone you come in contact with. You will be prepared to entertain small groups or large sold-out crowds!

Mascot Training Camp - Passion. Spirit. Sweat. - #betheimpact

Higher Impact Entertainment's Mascot Training Camp was first held in 2011. Jerome Bartlett, the Mascot Guru, held many private mascot trainings for schools, teams, and organizations and began offering an open invitation to any performer that was interested in learning the craft or looking to improve their skills to take their mascot character and program to the next level.

Head Mascot Training Camp instructor, Jerome Bartlett has received extensive mascot training by seasoned professionals that have now since retired and hopes to pass along what he learned from them, what he has learned from his continued experiences, and hopes to help lead the next generation of aspiring mascot entertainers to be successful.

The goal of the Mascot Training Camp is to not only provide the best mascot training experience, but also the most AFFORDABLE. Mascots in attendance not only learn how to be a mascot, but they get hands on training experience and the opportunity to perform and use what they learned that day in public.

Higher Impact Entertainment's Mascot Training Camp has been featured on National Geographic Channel's "The Big Picture with Kal Penn" (which can currently be seen on Netflix), NBC's "First Look", Sports Illustrated Radio, XM Radio College Sports, and many others.